January 23, 2008

Lauri's Wedding -The Real Housewives of OC

One of my favorite shows season finale was last night and I had to make sure I was watching, especially since a wedding took place. Lauri Waring one of The Real Housewives of OC had her fairytale wedding. Don't ask me how I got addicted to this show, but I seriously love to tune in whenever I can. I guess it's all the drama, wealth and pure craziness with these OC wives!! I must say last nights season finale was one of my favorite episodes and it's all because there was a wedding involved. I'm always up for some wedding TV..

The wedding was beautiful!!

Gown Designed by Project Runways- Austin Scarlett

Chartreuse Color- Very Elegant


  1. Where did you find those beautiful bridesmaid dresses? The color is so rich and the style is so very chic!!!! Please advise.

  2. They are from Alix and Kelly.


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