March 4, 2014

Coffee & Words:: When He Speaks

I truly love writing these Coffee and Words posts and today's post comes from reflecting on my spiritual growth and relationship with God over the last few years. This topic is very important to me. How do you know when God is speaking to you? I have been asked this question in the past and was led to share with you today.

 I could answer this question by saying you just know, but it is a little deeper than that. I remember about three years ago, going for an early morning run with a friend, and she stopped and asked me the question, "How do you know when God is speaking to you?" I paused for a moment, not knowing how, I should answer her. I will never forget the conversation that morning and how much joy it brought me. 

Praying for answers for whatever we are going through or need an understanding for at that moment, allows us to be one with him and in that oneness with God, it also allows us to have faith and wait on his answers.  Sometimes when he is speaking we do miss out on what he is telling us or trying to show us because we are distracted by emotions and things around us that clog our thoughts.  I have learned that being still in that moment, allows us to listen to what God is saying and to focus on what he is showing us.

When God speaks you just know it; sometimes it's a very soft whisper, sometimes he has to get our attention be taking us through something that we have to hurdle over in order to know that he is in control. Sometimes it's that loud stern voice that makes us straighten up and shut up!

So it becomes the question of..... Are you listening?  He is speaking to us through his word, through his blessings, through his love, but are you listening.



  1. These are some of my favorite posts of yours. So beautifully raw and honest! I've experienced God in all of these ways as well. I know God is speaking to me most when I have a thought where I feel a real nudge to act (or not), moments that force me to stop, if even for a second. x

  2. Beautiful!! Thank you for the sweet reminder. I really needed this today.
    Have a wonderful weekend...wish we lived closer so we could run, pray and chat about things like this.



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