August 20, 2014

Hello 37

This past year has taught me so much about myself, about life in general and just living it to the complete fullest. I sometimes, wonder if I am deserving of all the beautiful things God puts before me and then I am reminded of John 10:10; "The thief cometh to steal and to kill and to destroy. I come that you have life, and have it more abundantly." God truly has a purpose for each of us and to seek that purpose is part of our calling.  

This past year has truly been one full of laughter, love and lots of tears, and sometimes experiencing all three at once. Let me explain; Have you ever been in a place in your life where you want to just sit in a corner and cry out to God, WHY? Why did this have to happen; then in the same breath have memories of what once was and the love of something so special in your life. That's how I felt back in April when we lost a dear friend, and at the same time we were moving out of our home of 8 years. The home where our boys took their first steps, the home where I started my business, the home were we celebrated so many wonderful milestones.  My emotions have been all out of whack this year, but one thing that I always go back to, is God's love is UNCHANGING! That's what keeps me going, no  matter what I am facing in life, that's enough to keep me smiling..

Turning another year older always allows me to refocus; setting new goals, being open to new things, loving in a new way, truly living life to the fullest with God leading the way!  So as I start to  knock on "40", I am hoping to continue to just LIVE, LEARN & LEAD!!! 

37!!!  I welcome you with open arms!!


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