August 1, 2014

In Review:: GoodPop

With the hot summer heat here in Texas; cold refreshing treats are a must.. One of my favorites that I discovered a while back is the Goodpop, which started right here in Austin Texas. They come in a few different flavors, but my favorites are Strawberry Lemonade & Hibiscus Mint. They are found at the local grocery here in Austin and are oh so delish, and did I mention all natural.....Even my boys enjoy them!!


July 31, 2014

What I Wore:: Navy & Fuchsia Pink

I am a huge fan of color blocking and any chance I get to mix it up a little, I am all over it.  One of my favorite combinations right now is navy and fuchsia pink, and what you can't see is I paired leopard print pumps, to mix things up a bit last month at the Alt Summit.

What color do you love putting together?

July 30, 2014

5 Fancy Wedding Chair Details

We are all over the fancy wedding chairs lately. Dressing up the bride and groom chairs always adds a nice touch of character. Whether it be through, florals, greenery, signs or just simple ribbon, any of these details can fancy up your chairs for your special day!!

July 29, 2014

Anniversary Vineyard Weekend Faves

In celebrating our twelve year Anniversay over the weekend the hubby and I decided to take a wine tour. There is nothing like going on little adventure with  and spending time in the Texas Hill Country for a day of wine tasting is always one of our favorites. Every year we plan a road trip to a few vineyards for tastings, and this go around we happened upon, Driftwood, Wimberley and Dripping Springs tours. Our first stop was Trattoria Lisina Restaurant & Duchman Winery and from there we ventured to Wimberley Valley Vineyard, Driftwood Vineyards, Solaro Estate, and  Bell Springs.... What an adventure it was, here's a few of my favorite snapshots!

                                                                      What a wonderful weekend!!!!

July 28, 2014

Monday Motivation:: Giddy Feeling

 I don' know about you, but when excitement hits my bones, I become unstoppable in that moment!  Those are the moments where I feel like I can conquer the world!! That giddy feeling should always be something to look forward to!! Happy Monday!!
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