August 20, 2015

Hello "38"

So blessed to wake up this morning too see "38"!! It's amazing to think when I turned 25 I stayed in bed all day wondering what I was suppose to be doing  with my life (what a waste). To waking up this morning with so much joy in my heart and craving more of all the good God has in store. Oh the growth that God has brought me over the years!!!

I am reminded today of all that God builds us up to be for his Glory. We are not designed for lazy, we are not designed for worry, he has a purpose for each of us and that purpose is made known to us at some point in our lives. It's up to us to grab a hold of it and SHINE!

August 19, 2015

Inspired To Party:: Balloons & Confetti

Since tomorrow is my birthday, I'm dreaming in balloons & confetti!!

 When it comes to bright colored balloons and confetti, I'm all there lately. To be honest, if I could fill my office with thousands of balloons for the rest of my birthday week, I would, and if I could spread confetti everywhere I go, I would. When it's your birthday week you can turn up, however you want, right?

Wedding Chicks

August 18, 2015

Coffee & Words:: Be Present

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up with these words on my heart, "Be Present".  In that moment, I wasn't sure why God was putting those words in front of me, but as days went by he began to show me the little things in my life that I have not been present in, and how I need to concentrate on those things more. What I realized on that same day is that in my stillness these last few months, I have encountered doubt, wavering faith and some moments of distractions.

I came to the conclusion that when you walk in faith you don't always know what's next. Simply because walking in faith you are walking in the unseen and unknowing. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to wrap our  heads around, but it makes our walk so much more pleasant.

God was showing me that I  needed to be present right where has me and doing exactly what he is asking of me. To be present is to not be wavered, to be present is to not complain, to be present is to set aside all distractions and completely concentrate on the season he has you in.  

" To Be Present, is To Be Still when he ask  you to be still. To Be Present,  is To Go when he ask you to go."

August 17, 2015

Monday Motivation:: All Good

 This verse is Perfect for my birthday week!! I will be celebrating "38" on Thursday!!!

August 10, 2015

Monday Motivation: Free Your Mind

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