October 21, 2014

Coffee & Words: Strength In God Is Enough

What's your definition of strength? Is it the ability to lift a 150 pound weight, is it being able to hold in your emotions of hurt or grieving.  Is it the ability to wake up every morning with the will power to press through. Strength is more then just carrying the load, it's about walking in God's light and allowing him to carry you through any obstacle that you are faced with and doing so in a way that allows you be humble, calm and joyful.

You are probably thinking, what does she mean? What I am saying is, being strong is not about covering up the pain and hurt that you are dealing with, but being strong enough to stand up, look it in the eye and allowing God to guide you through. To allow your faith in God to give you the strength to climb out of that ditch or emotional slump you are in.

Joshua 1:9 reads, "Have I not commanded you? Be Strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

I was having a conversation with a close friend recently, about how God revels himself to us on a daily, in order for us to feel his presence and to know that he is there for us. He gives us the strength; through his word, through his comfort, and by surrounding us around people that lift us up.
God allows us to walk tall with our heads held high, he wants us to hold his hand every step of life and allow him to order each step, without looking back.

Strength in God is enough!

XOXO, Nycia

October 14, 2014

Pinned Pretties:: Fall At Home


Today's cooler weather here in Texas seriously made me want to finally light my fall candles and actually have a pumpkin spice latte.. I love this time of year, especially being able to add that simple touch of Fall throughout the home. Hopefully I can get unpacked soon and add a few simple Fall details in my home, like these lovely photos.  How do you add that touch of fall in your home??


The Wood Grain Cottage, BHG,( all images via Pinterest).

October 9, 2014


We are so excited to introduce our newest contributor. The lovely Alaina Weaver will be sharing her love for life, her family, her strength, and her faith in Jesus Christ. She definitely Inspires!! We welcome her to the She Inspires family with open arms and lots of love.

Hello ladies!! This is Alaina here with my first post on She Inspires. Enjoy!

If you had asked me years ago what my life would look life by the time I hit my mid 30’s, I certainly wouldn’t have told you that it would be here- blogging away.  I, like so many young people, had a plan for my life that looked much different than how my life actually ended up happening. You know what I’m talking about, right? When your plan is far different than Gods plan.
What’s a bit terrifying about this is that God actually thinks I’m qualified for this life! Seriously God?!? I feel like I’m that crazy lady that you see on the street corner having full blown conversations with myself 99% of the time! I’ve had some pretty big obstacles in my life- none of which were planned (at least by me), but all have drastically changed the course of my life. So, in the midst of juggling a kid with an incurable brain disease, a teenager, a husband recovering from a broken back in a recent car accident, bills, a house, school, the remnants of PTSD, and all of the day to day last minute things that seem to pile up on only the plate of a mother, I’m sure you can image my shock when God smacked me in the face with yet another game changer of my life’s direction. (Seriously God?!?)

Looking back, God has been planting seeds for some time now. Putting people in my life strategically when and where I needed them. So I guess in all reality I shouldn’t be surprised that God has led me to this latest endeavor of sharing my story through blogging on a forum that isn’t personally mine. Although I’ve been blogging for some time now on my own personal page, let's be honest here, doing it to share on someone else’s dream platform is about as close to the definition of feeling vulnerable as you can get. For some reason God has given me the gift of words and the ability to share them in both writing and public speaking. This is something that I would have NEVER dreamed I would ever be doing. In fact, there has been a fair amount of kicking and screaming involved on my part between God and I! But my blunt, no filter, let’s talk about all the hard stuff attitude seems to resonate with people. It seems to help them see that we are all struggling with the same feelings, only in different forms. It is the gift that God has qualified and equipped me with to share.
The amazing part of all this is that God has this way of preparing us for the life that HE has planned for us despite ourselves; despite our kicking and screaming, despite our lack of faith in ourselves, despite our lack of any formal training, despite our own ideas or plans, and most importantly, despite our lack of courage sometimes. God is pretty awesome like that. He has taught me things that I could’ve never learned any other way other than going through them. He has prepared and equipped me for this life that is sometimes sad, sometimes painful, sometimes hard, but all the time incredible.
I’m excited to both see and share what God needs you to hear through me. Life is a journey that is not intended to be faced alone. YOU already have all the strength, courage, and power needed to change someone's life- sometimes you just have to learn how to not be afraid of it.
As you go through your day today, remember this….God has not underqualified you for this life!

Isaiah 55:11
So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.


October 6, 2014

The Vision: She Inspires Experience

Do you ever, sit still in a moment and just let God really speak to you? I mean in the stillness, where you can seriously listen to him.  I get so excited in those moments, and I even wish at times I could sit & have Coffee with God sitting across the table from me, where I can put a face with that oh so still voice.  I am sharing this because, I crave more of him each day & I enjoy hearing God speak to me and letting me know what he wants of me.( I sometimes even ask the question, you want little old me to do what?)

I pray daily for God to make me a better vessel for his glory and when I pray that I know that may steps are ordered by him, and that it's no longer my doing, nor is it in my control.  So a few years back when I woke up out of my sleep because God had placed She Inspires in my heart, I seriously had no clue what he wanted me to do & just last year I was led to start this blog She Inspires. A place to allow women to come and be inspired by all things lovely & whatever God puts on my little heart to share. I knew She Inspires would be more then just a blog, but wasn't sure what, until a few weeks ago.  As I sat in church listening to my preacher speak about letting God take you to that next level, I was suddenly distracted by "She" and that wasn't all, God was showing me She Inspires would be a conference right at my church & it's almost like I could picture all the women sitting there connecting and letting go of every fear that is holding them back.  The excitement that covered my body in that moment, I just couldn't  shake.  I text my friend Michelle,  who is also my pastors wife, to say I need to meet with you soon, God has put a conference in my heart & I have to be obedient. With that being said,  I knew from that moment there would be no turning back. 

I have learned when God speaks you listen & even if you don't know how, what and who is going to be involved you just go forward and let faith carry you.  She Inspires Experience is now in the works Feb 27th- 28th 2015, God will bring a couple of 100 women together to experience his presence through a creative conference. This creative conference driven by God, will allow women of all walks of life  to be inspired, encouraged and to seek their calling, by walking in faith. We will connect through creative concepts, speakers and yummy food!! God is going to do some amazing things! She lives, She loves, She creates, She is led by God. 

Registration is open today! Here 

She Inspires Experience website will be up in the next few days with weekly updates & details of the conference.

September 29, 2014


Good morning lovelies, I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I can't believe October is pretty much here, I am looking forward to cooler weather and a few of my favorite fall things(which I hope to share with you all soon).  For now, I leave you with a little Monday motivation.

I attended the Style Speaks event with Created Woman Magazine yesterday and was inspired by all the wonderful speakers. I was reminded to truly focus on the things that God has put in my heart to do, and no matter what's going on around  me to always let his light shine through!!

older home
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