Monday Motivation: No Negative

It's so easy to let negative thoughts creep in, and cause you to be distracted, and discouraged. Train your thoughts to be on the good things, the positive things, the things that are lovely. 

You may ask the question, How can I do that when I am constantly surrounded with negative things? Especially with all the awful things going on in my life.  STOP! Right there!!! Recognize that there is nothing to awful for God to work out!  

HERE's five simple things to help you focus on the GOOD!

1. Stay grounded in the word of God 

2. Pray MORE

3. Speak Positive words over your life

4. Be surrounded around people that encourage you and lift you up

5. Laugh MORE

Be reminded that you are worthy of the positive.  Don't let negative thoughts come in, instead stay grounded in the word and all that God promises you.