Coffee & Words: Get Out Of Your Own Head

I've been going back in forth about this post and if I should even share it, but I felt the urge to post it as we dive into 2017.  After a few recent conversations I knew it was necessary.  

Do you find yourself overthinking, being offended or overwhelmed with life, more so than not. As women we are constantly caught up in what's next, how should it look, who should see it, is it the perfect shade, the perfect lighting, will it get the most likes. It has become what's the best thing for everyone to look in on.  Well that's just it!!  That perfect life and perfect thing that's in your head, is never perfect and it's okay. If life was perfect we wouldn't want to strive for better, and we wouldn't need God, right? 

With social media, and all the things around us that we think matter more then living and embracing life and living those precious moments as they come, is being wiped away by  the "A" word. That "A" word that is in control of so many women and robbing them of the Joy that comes with each day.  A is for Anxiety. Anxiety is a topic that is becoming more and more common among women and it's also one that is ignored by many, because to admit you have a problem is the hardest thing to face at times. 

Satan is stealing the joy of to many women and seriously I am so tired of it.  Making it up in your mind to face it head on and defeat this violent thing with the vengeance.(Karate chopping it right in the face!!)

God wants us to live a life of freedom and joy. Being free from all the devil tells us we are not and all that he tells us we should be. Free from cluttering our heads with JUNK. Free to be all that he has called us to be.. In order to have that freedom we have to learn to get out of our own heads and open ourselves up to positive thinking and renewed thoughts and inspiration that we are able to wake up with on a daily.  God gives us life in a whole new way each day and with that we can overcome anything. Through Christ I can do all things. Phil 4:13; Through Christ you can over come Anxiety and all the things that are causing you fear and to live in the dark. 

I pray that as you walk boldly in 2017, you can be reminded that you are FREE, because God brings freedom.  Let that replay in your head over and over again.. DARLING BE FREE!!! 


XOXO, Nycia