This post is sponsored by FarmRich.  All content and details are my opinion. 

In my house we are all about gathering over the perfect go to spread of snacks on game day; as we cheer on our favorite teams.  

Living in a house with boys,  it's a big deal to have the perfect snacks available at all times.  Between my husband and two boys I am constantly in the mood for an easier alternative on Game days, and FarmRich gives me plenty of options.  These easy go to frozen snacks are ready to serve only in minutes. 


Some of our go to favorites are the original meatballs,  cheese sticks and the jalapeno peppers.  Our friends also love them! 

A little bit more about our favorites!!  We love that the meatballs are gluten free and make for a healthier option.  I cook them in BBQ sauce in a sauce pan mixing the meatballs in to add a nice sweet and savory taste.  Once done I toss them on a bed of lettuce on a platter...  MY BOYS love them!  


The Cheese sticks are always the first to leave the spread and we enjoy pairing them with marinara for dipping along with the Jalapeno Peppers which are my husbands favorite, paired with ranch.  


My husband also like pairing this game day spread with a nice cold Dr. Pepper, which makes for the perfect combination. 


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