A Mom's Grace by Samnang Howard

Hello Ladies, My name is Samnang Howard and I am the volunteer specialist here on She Inspires, and I am also a single mom of two kids, a teenage son who is 16 and a 10 year old daughter.  I’m so honored that God has blessed me with the privilege of being a Mom, and the unconditional love that I have for my children is incredible.  It also reminds me of how much God loves me as his daughter, and I’m always is AWE.  

One thing that I have struggled with as a mom, is discipline with my kids, and  it’s something that I pray about constantly.  There are so many emotions involved when it comes to discipline, and some days it starts out as anger and ends in guilt.  I really don’t like having arguments in the morning, especially before sending the kids off to school, and that has become one of my most trying times.

One morning in particular, my daughter and I had a disagreement, and I was driving to work that day, it sat so heavy on my heart.  I prayed and asked the Lord for guidance and how I should handle this situation and how I should respond.  God spoke the word “GRACE” to me so clearly.  I read up on what grace meant from a Biblical aspect and how that related to my situation.  Grace is getting something that we do not deserve; God’s favor. 

In Lamentations 3:22-23, it reads, “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” 

Grace is not letting my daughter get away with things, but reminding her to make good choices and correcting her in a positive way.  We don’t just stop loving our kids, because they give us attitude or talk back to us.  We forgive them over and over again and give them chances to make it right.  God gives us so many chances when we fail and when we come to Him with our issues, He embraces us. This is how God wants us to respond to our children.  Showing grace over and over again even when they don’t deserve it.