Coffee & Words: Change In Seasons

Over the weekend, I sat and watched the leaves sway back in forth in the wind, as the air began to change, and the temperature dropped(quickly changing to a feeling of fall).  As the leaves sway from one side to the other, I couldn't help but notice the pattern remained the same, only maybe picking up speed, depending on the blowing wind. 

When the season changes I am always reminded of my life;  growth, stillness,  and changes that come on this journey.  Sometimes going at full speed and other times slowing the pace, allowing for rest. 

I'm also reminded of God's faithfulness to us in all the changes that come, and how he's never changing.  His unconditional love for us, his grace is constant and sufficient in all things, the joy he brings on a daily, that peace that surpasses all understanding.  It's so evident that even though the seasons are constantly changing, we are never alone, He is always there, even in those seasons that seem a little chaotic and emotional, or those seasons that feel like you are not enough or just aren't sure how things are going to work out.  He is there to give you direction.

So as your season changes and you don't feel like you have it all figured out( it's okay).  Stop and breathe in the fresh air, and let God's grace sustain you.