Coffee & Words: In The Waiting


Do you ever feel like your life is constantly going a 100 mph and you don't feel accomplished at that high speed, and find yourself wanting more.  NEVER CONTENT

I use to feel that way until a couple of years ago when I was reminded to stop and listen.  Listen for the rest that was needed, the quiet that was non existent, the rhythm of slow that I wasn't familiar with, the lack of self knowing that needed to be birthed within, that peace that was anxiously awaiting, the God that wanted me to seek him more. 

We have to learn that there is a process in the waiting and patience is a virtue.  When God directs us and gives us discernment in our calling, we have to wait on HIS instructions.  In our waiting we have to pray, be present and rest in him daily.   

The waiting process is not always easy, because the feeling of control and over thinking can cause doubt to creep in. We have to constantly be reminded that in the waiting comes God's instructions and guidance, when he leads the way, everything is orchestrated so perfectly and peacefully.  

Trust the process, trust what God has placed in your heart, trust all that he promises you in his word, and wait on his timing. 


Psalm 27:14

Wait for the Lord; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the Lord. 



Xoxo, Nycia